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What's New

We recently renovated the floor and did some other improvements to our meeting and training room.  The bequest of C. L. (Fat) Price paid for a substantial portion of this project.  C.L. was never an active member but he always said that he may not of had the time to volunteer but he could help us out financially.


The Millheim Fire Company is now a participant in the �Knox Box� building access system.  This system allows the fire company to access participating building owner�s properties only in emergencies by unlocking doors instead of breaking down doors or windows.  With this system, keys or important building floor plans, hazard sheets are secured on the exterior of your building in a �safe� type, weather proof enclosure.  Only the local fire company which serves your structure has a master key to allow them to access the contents of the enclosure.  When your system is initially installed the fire company must unlock the enclosure so that you can put your items in. The master key is controlled within the fire company by a secondary locked enclosure within the fire company�s responding apparatus which requires a special code to access, and that code is specially controlled and data logged with date, time and person accessing.   Additional information can be found on the internet at or by contacting any Millheim Fire Company chief or calling the engine room at 349-8164 and leaving a message.

IF your interested in an EMS career you can get your foot in the proverbial door and gain some hands on training, get education assistance all the while providing community service by joining the local Boy Scouts of America, "EMS" Explorer Troop 28. See the below.


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