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Millheim Borough Home Page

2019 Elected Officers Of
The Millheim Fire Company

Chief (1800)  -   Todd Hillard
1st Asst Chief (1801)  -   Delmer Homan
2nd Asst Chief (1802)  -   Floyd Etters
3rd Asst Chief (1803)   -  Brandon Etters

President  -  Donald Heggenstaller Jr.
Vice-President  -    Eric "Scott" Long
Secretary   -   Heather Zimmerman
    Treasurer (18-Bean Counter)  - Dennis Heggenstaller Sr.      814-571-0159 (cell)
Assistant Treasurer    -   Brian Wetzel

Appointed Officers of
the Millheim Fire Company

Captain (18-1) - Scott Long.
Captain (18-2) -

Vehicle/Apparatus Maintenance   -  Tom Heckman and Lucas Stover

Communications (Radios & Pagers)- Brian Wetzel

Safety Officers   - Nate Bowersox (Safety 18-2) and  Brian Wetzel (Safety 18-1)

Junior Fire Fighter Advisors - Chiefs and Captains

Fire Prevention    -    Michael Heckman

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Equipment Maintenance Officer -
    Eric Long Jr.

Training Officer -   Christ King, Chiefs and Captains

Accountability -

Fire Records "Incident Reports" - Michael Heckman

Webmaster - Dennis Heggenstaller Sr.

Facebook Editors - Chris Homan, Donald Heggenstaller, Dennis Heggenstaller

Apparatus Officers

Engine 18-1, Mike Heckman
Engine 18-2, Dave King
Engine 18-12, (Old Bertha - Retired)
Rescue 18, Trevor Stitzer
Tanker 18, Lucas Stover
Equipment/Fire Police 18, Ed Besecker

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Active Members of the
Millheim Fire Company



Barger, Crystal  FP
Barger, Todd    FP
Barner, Brittany
Barner, Josh
Beiler, Christian
Beiler, David
Besecker, Ed #
Bianchi, Brian      
Bierley, Isacc
Bowersox, Mike
Bowersox, Nate
Byler, Seth
Caldana, Matthew
Confer, Frances
Etters, Brandon   FP
Etters, Floyd        FP
Etters, Ryan               
Fisher, Chris
Forsythe, Betsy
Glick, Jake
Grubb Jr, Ken
Haupt, Austin ***
Haupt, Tom Jr.
Haupt, Tom Sr. (FF2)
Haupt, Tristian ***
Heckman, Mike
Heckman, Tom
Heggenstaller, Dennis #
Heggenstaller, Donald #
Hill, Michael ***
Hillard, Todd 
Hockenberry, Terry
Homan, Chris    FP
Homan, Delmer #    FP
Homan, Hunter
Kerstetter, Mary
King, Christ
King, Collen
King, David E.
Lewis, Garrett
Lingle, Corey
Lingle, Hope
Lingle, Jeremy
Lingle, Kevin     FP
Long, Eric "Scott", Jr.
Long, Eric "Scott", Sr. #
Myers, Paige
Mersinger, Roseanne
Miller, Heidi
Nicholas, Doug #
Peachey, Jesse
Rider, Victor   FP
Rote, Terry #
Shawley, Donna
Shirk, Mike #  FP
Showers, Jed
Showers, Levi (Active Military)
Smith, Matt
Smucker, Benjamin B.
Smucker, John B.
Stoltzfuz, Melvin
Stoltzfuz, Sam
Stover, Lucas
Weaver, Kevin
Weaver, Travis
Wetzel, Brian    FP
Wetzel, Taylor ***
Wintermute, Adam
Zimmerman, Heather
(FP) = Fire Police

Confer, Francis
Forsythe, Betsy
Kerstetter, Mary
King, Colleen
Lingle, Hope
Mersinger, Roseanne
Miller, Heidi
Shawley, Donna

Delmer Homan
Floyd Etters
Don Heggenstaller
Kevin Lingle
Hope Lingle
Dave King

Floyd Etters
Donald Heggenstaller
Dennis Heggenstaller
Chris Homan
Terry Rote
Tom Haupt Jr.


Brandon Etters
Floyd Etters
Delmer Homan
Dennis Heggenstaller

Floyd Etters
Todd Hillard
Delmer Homan
Donald Heggenstaller
Scott Long